• 2008 Umrah

    Dear Br. G. Saidi, Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatuh, Umrah under your supervision, care and direction was beyond our expectations. The classy standard you set for yourselves dissolved all sorts of difficulties in a time record manor. When my mother's health took a slight turn to the worst, your concerned phone calls and prompt actions helped me cope; and when any question came to mind, you took it upon yourselves to answer it sincerely. In short, it felt as if you were watching our back, paving the way for ease and spreading comfort in our atmosphere. We have never thought that a Umrah journey can possibly be that easy and pleasant. Only Allah, Almighty, can reward you sufficiently for your efforts towards the comfort of His ibad. May Allah accept your deeds and May He include you among His favorites and wrap you in His Mercy, Aameen.