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This (Madinah First) program is recommended for second time travelers, individuals, and couples

Depart : Aug 03, 2019 (2 Dhuʻl-Hijjah, 1440)
Return : Aug 22, 2019 (21 Dhuʻl-Hijjah, 1440)
Total Number of Days : 19

Hotels in Makkah

Pullman ZamZam Makkah

City : Makkah

As part of the prestigious Abraj Al Bait complex, Pullman Zam Zam Makkah is a contemporary newly refurnished five-star hotel located in close proximity to the holy Masjid Al Haraam, overlooking the Ka’aba, as well as the entire Masjid.

Hotels in Madinah

Al Madina Harmony

City : Madinah

Walking minutes from Haram Shareef .offering breathtaking views of the Mountain of Ohud and center of the City


  • Prices do not include hajj fees ($495) and new VAT tax ($600)
  • Hurry! Limited seats available.
  • Round Trip Airfare JFK/MED-JED/JFK
  • Prices are subject to change without prior notice due to the ever changing airline tax & fuel charges
  • stay (14-18 Zulhijah) at 5* Makkah hotel and Stay (18- 22 Zulhijah) at 5* Madinah hotel with daily breakfast & dinner.
  • Stay at Regular american AC upgraded tents with 3 daily meals
  • Stay (4-7 & 13 Zulhijah) at AC Apt building in suburbs of Makkah with the option to use for relaxing & showering during Mashar time.
  • Visit historical sites in Madinah
  • Educational program
  • Travel dates might slightly vary according to airline schedule adjustments..


  • $8,999 per person (2-People / Room)
  • $8,499 per person (3-People / Room)
  • $7,999 per person (4-People / Room)

Prices are New York based. Extra charge applies for other cities.

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