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City : Makkah
Facing Haram Shareef


  • 1 As part of the prestigious Abraj Al Bait complex, the deluxe Swissotel Makkah is a contemporary five-star hotel located in close proximity to the holy Masjid Al Haraam, overlooking the Ka’aba, as well as the entire Masjid.
  •  2 The Swissotel Makkah offers 1,487 elegant rooms and suites with modern contemporary design that complements the rich, hospitable values of Arab culture.
  •  3 The hotel includes two restaurants, one meeting room, and one business centre.
  •  4 With private entrances that make it easier for pilgrims to reach the Masjid Al Haram, Swissotel is also the only Makkah hotel with a direct entrance through Ajyad Street.
  •  5 http://www.swissotel.com/

Business Services
Language Spoken
Arabic , English
Credit Cards
AE, Visa, Master card