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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.When is the last day to register for Hajj?
Limited seats are available. Registration is based on first come first serve. Based on our prior experiences, some of our programs will be sold out inshAllah in first half of Ramadan and most will be sold out just after Eid time so please hurry and reserve your seat. 


Q.2.When will the embassy start issuing Hajj visas and how long will it take to get one?
Normally Saudi Embassy will start issuing Hajj visas 2-3 weeks after Ramadan and will continue doing so for about 4 weeks. Normally, Visa will take only 2-3 days for early birds but it will take up to 1-2 weeks for late comers. So, we advise you to register early so you can get your Visa early.


Q.3.Can you guarantee me a hajj Visa?
If your paper work is in order and you register early, we can virtually inshaallah guarantee that you will get a Hajj Visa.


Q.4.I will be traveling with my wife so what is the requirement for Hajj/Umrah Visa.
Please check regular Visa requirement plus you need to furnish us with a copy of your marriage certificate (please do not send original documents)


Q.5.I do not have a Mahram (because I am not married or a widow or divorced) Can I go to Hajj?
If you are 45 years or older and can provide necessary documentation you can go to Hajj and Dar El-Eiman group will act as your Mahram. 


Q.6.Where can I get the required cashier checks?
if you send us a separate check for $300 we will take care of this issue for you .


Q.7.I have a valid tourist Visa to Saudi Arabia for 5 years. Can I go to hajj using this Visa?
No, tourist Visa is not acceptable for Hajj. 


Q.8.Can a holder of an American H, R or student visa obtain Hajj Visa?
Yes with proper documents.


Q.9.Can I pay for a Hajj package using my credit card?
No, Islamically, you cannot pay for Hajj using any form of credit (debt). So only acceptable form of payment is checks. 


Q.10.Can I stop over in my way to Hajj (or after Hajj) in my home country?
Yes you can. You may have to pay extra for the stop over depending on the Airlines. You may also encounter problems and inconvenience if you arrive in Saudi Arabia alone not accompanying our main group from USA. 


Q.11.What happens after I make a reservation and pay the deposit?
Once you have made a reservation and paid a deposit, you will be contacted by one of our sales representatives to assist you in the remaining information needed to complete the reservation. After the reservation is complete, you will receive a confirmation, a visa application, a list of required Visa documents and an invoice of your remaining balance. 


Q.12.What is the next step after I send my remaining balance and proper documents?
Dar El-Eiman will then start on your visa processing, which could take up to 2-3 weeks. Once everything is complete you will receive a package with you day-by-day itinerary, passport with visa, airline tickets, your identification card and Dar El-Eiman luggage tags to place on you luggage. 


Q.13.I am sick and I want to go to Hajj can you accommodate me?
Most likely yes but we need more information about your situation to give you the best advise. 


Q.14.If I am using Lufthansa, Do I need a Transit Visa to Germany on my way to Hajj?
Only nationals of some certain countries such as Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Sudan are required to have transit Visa. Others do not. Please check German Consulate website for a complete updated list of countries. 


Q.15.In case of death in Saudi Arabia what do you do?
The best thing for a Muslim is to be buried next to Prophet Mohammed or his companions so to accomplish this in case of death we recommend every hajjee to give us a prior written consent for Saudi Arabia burial.


Q.16.Why do I need an ID card and special luggage tags?
You need to wear your Dar El-Eiman ID card tag at all times starting from your departure from USA until your return. It is very important that you do so, so any Dar El El-Eiman representative can recognize you in order assist you in any needs that you may require. The luggage tags are very valuable so the luggage can be identified throughout the trip. 


Q.17.What should I take with me to Hajj?
We recommend that you do not take too much luggage (one suit case per person). Weather is very mild in Saudi Arabia during Hajj so take only comfortable and light clothes. More information can be found in Dar El-Eiman's reminder list, which will be sent to our customers before departure to Saudi Arabia.


Q.18.Can I use my credit card in Saudi Arabia?
Major Credit Cards are acceptable in hotels, major malls and jewelry shop. So we do recommend taking at least on credit card to cover gift purchases. 


Q.19.How much cash should I take with me?
Theft and Pick Pocket is a major problem during Hajj, so we recommend you to take travel checks as much as possible. The total amount of money (Cash & Travel Checks) that you need depends on the following: -Is food covered in your program or not -Some emergency money (We suggest around $500) -The number of gifts you are planning to purchase.


Q.20.am a new Muslim (Muslimah) with a non-Islamic name. Can I go to Hajj?
Yes, you can if you provide us with a copy of your "conversion to Islam" certificate or an official letter from your local Islamic center attesting to your conversion to Islam. 


Q.21.We lost (misplaced) our marriage certificate! Can we still go to Hajj?
Yes, all you have to do is to ask your local Islamic center to write an official letter certifying that you are known to them as "a husband and a wife". 


Q.22.Will a Dar El-Eiman representative meet me at arrival in Saudi Arabia?
Yes, If you are part of one of our main arriving groups, you will be met by a Dar El-Eiman representative, but after the customs process. Please keep in mind that you cannot be assisted during the customs process, but will be assisted after you receive your luggage and exit the customs area. One of our representatives at the airport will inform you of your next destination and provide assistance. 


Q.23.What is the distance Makkah-Mina and Mina-Arafat
The distance between Makkah and Mina is 8 kilometers (5 miles). ... The distance between Mina and Arafat is 14.4 kilometers (9 miles).